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About Aneth Chapter

The Aneth Chapter is a local government and political subdivision of the Navajo Nation with the authority to enact plans that are in the best interest of the community and to recommend, support, and approve community related projects.
It is composed of the Chapter Membership who acts as the legislature, the elected Chapter Officers who act as the executive, and the Chapter Administration Office who carry out the policy enacted by the Chapter Membership. The Chapter Manager is the chief executive officer and the head of the administrative office. He oversees all Chapter Departments and programs and advises the Chapter Officers.
The Chapter serves as a liaison between their constituents and the internal/external resource entities to provide governmental services. Chapters provide opportunities, through town hall-style meetings, for local leaders to keep residents informed and to express their opinions and to decide on matters concerning their community.
The “Local Governance Act” was enacted by the Navajo Nation Council in 1998 which withdraws certain authorities and responsibilities from the Central Navajo Nation Government to be conveyed to the local Chapter in the spirit of self-governance and local empowerment.


Chapter Meetings

The Aneth Chapter holds Planning  and Regular Chapter Meeting every month.   Chapter meeting Minutes are listed by month.

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